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Identify and Locate Your Audience

There are innumerable metrics by which your audience can be found. Nielsen ratings and analytics tracking on Google and all the social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube enable us to find your biggest fans. In today's age, we can use these tools to track the age group, gender, occupation, interests and hobbies, geographic location, daily habits, and internet activity of your audience and customers. Our methods ensure that your business is not only presented in its best light reaching the maximum number of people that your budget allows, but that your message reaches the right people who are in need of the services or entertainment that you provide. In addition, our constant real time and post ad campaign analysis guarantees that the location and platform of your ads remain in lockstep with your audience as trends change.

Design Messaging and Imaging

An overwhelming majority of the advertising industry makes one very crucial mistake. They spend 80% of their time identifying where your audience is and only 20% determining what it is your audience will connect with. As a result many businesses waste time and money on ads and content that is boring, stale, unentertaining, and features material or items that the audience has no interest in engaging with. As the wide availability of rich analytics in traditional and digital media often make the identification of your audience a simple task for us, we prefer to spend 80% of our time storyboarding the creative words, images, and philosophy that your audience is crying out for.

Creative Production

Stuart Media Strategies is a one stop shop for all of your marketing and branding. Not only can we find the location and interests of your audience, we are expert professionals in creative and commercial production as well. No matter whether your business requires radio ads, cable commercials, YouTube video ads, print material for newspaper and online, or graphic design for logos, social media ads, or apparel, we can shoot, record, design, and edit any materials of any kind that you will ever need.

Web Design, Online Stores, and eCommerce

With online businesses growing into the forefront of today's economy, both startup companies and long standing brick and mortar stores need to invest in online retail, entertainment, and eCommerce capabilities. We can design a custom website for you that can meet any need you may have. Displaying, selling, and shipping products, signing documents, collecting payments, managing customers, email marketing, and ascending the Google search rankings with ongoing search engine optimization through Google analytics, the sky is the limit.

Custom Technology and Customer Service Solutions

We know that all your needs aren't all in external marketing, but are often internal as well. Whether you need systems that help your employees do their best work, enable your staff to provide the highest levels of customer service, or foundational systems needed for your business to function, we can provide the solution. Our experts in web and software design can build web and internal servers, internal and external communications systems, high quality Zoom and video chat office spaces, and even point of sale systems.

We Customize Everything To Meet Your Needs

With everything we do in our marketing strategies, artwork, design, and execution, we build and customize it to meet the needs of your business and the vagaries of your specific industry and audience. All we need is to know your goals and we can help you meet them. If you have any idea or request that you do not see listed in our services here, please contact us and we will be delighted to create something for you that fulfills what you are looking for.

Stuart Media Strategies

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