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The opportunity to tell your brand’s story and develop customer relationships has never been better. 

How Strategy and Messaging Finds Your Customers

You tell us who are your customers and we will find them.  There is an endless amount of research available from Nielsen Ratings, Google Ads, Analytics, Trends,  and Search Console, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even your website. This research identifies not only the media platforms with which your customers interact, but their behaviors on them. 


First we learn from you your core company principles, how your customers use your product or service, why they buy from you, and their radio, television, and online behaviors. Next our creative team writes, designs, shoots, records, edits, and produces the words, images, video and ai software architecture to match the advertising platforms we recommend you use. Finally, to multiply the power of your media investment, we ensure that your message integrates across the media platforms that are best suited to find your customers and continues to perform over time. Stuart Media Strategies' philosophy is to CONNECT your brand to your customers with language and images that RESONATE in their minds, motivating them to buy from you so you can SUCCEED.

Advertising in the Digital Age

In the 21st century, there is no privacy for anyone. While that reality is not a comforting one, digital tracking has become the indispensable model for any business that desires success. It is the undisputed reason why Google, Amazon, Netflix, and many others, have reached and continue to remain at a stratospheric level of success never before seen. We use the power of these new digital and artificially intelligent tools to track the age, gender, occupation, location, hobbies, shopping, and viewing habits on radio, television, newspaper, billboards, and everywhere on the internet, of both your customers, AND your competition. Most importantly we use this data to study the consumer path, the psychological motivation specific to your customers and industry that provokes people to make a purchase or interact with your business. Our traditional, digital, domestic, technological, and psychological strategies are always informed with powerful real time research and ensure that your company is not only presented in its best light, reaching the maximum number of people that your budget allows, but that your message reaches the right people who are in need of the services or entertainment that you provide. 

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